All sessions sessions are full length appointments, so please arrive 10-15 mins early for consultation with the therapist, as well as to complete any required documents. Failure to arrive early may result in time being taken away from your appointment.

Deep Tissue

Sports Massage

$75/60 mins; $115/90 mins; $150/120 mins

$75/60 mins; $115/90 mins; $150/120 mins

A more vigorous massage that is performed using slow strokes to ease deeper into muscles and focus on alleviating specific pain and tension areas. I combine this with techniques from trigger point, sports, and structural integration to give you a longer lasting relief with increased range of motion.
Sports massage focuses on applying stretches to increase flexibility, range of motion, and even recovery after an injury. You can book a massage for any goal you have whether it be pre-event, post-event, or just a general maintenance massage between events. I focus primarily on stretching contracted muscles and helping with the bodies alignment by reducing tension and pain  in other areas. 



$75/60 mins; $115/90 mins; $150/120 mins

$45/30 mins; $75/60 mins

A relaxing full body massage that uses long, flowing effleurage strokes and mild range of motion to decrease stress and tension throughout the body. This massage is great for anxiety, depression, and fatigue!
​Reflexology is an energy technique that uses points in the feet, hands, and sometimes ears that can effect the whole body. It is believed that each part of the body connects with these areas at a specific point, and working the area can improve health and wellness overall.

Body Scrub

Hot Stone Massage

$70 add-on / $90 single service


We use a sugar scrub to exfoliate your entire body removing all the dead skin cells, then we apply a lotion with a matching scent of lavender or mint and eucalyptus to moisturize and leave you silky smoothe. (Breast and stomach by request only)
We use heated basalt stones to warm the muscles throughout the body providing relief from chronic pain and stress. This massage is very soothing and comforting and is available for a 90 min session. This service must be scheduled in advance to assure we are properly prepared for you.

Oncology Massage

Cranial Sacral

Call for Information

$75/60 mins; $115/90 mins; $150/120 mins

This is a very soft massage that focuses on the bones of the skull and sacrum. Using very minor and specific holds to the different bones, we reset the cerebral spinal fluid, and bring the movements of the bones back into harmony with each other
This massage is for someone currently battling cancer or with a history of cancer. We can work with your healthcare team to create a massage plan that is safe for you, and offer you a nurturing touch  to decrease anxiety, fatigue, naseau, depression, and pain.
Cancellation Policy

You will not be charged if you cancel at least 24 hours before your appointment starts. Otherwise, you will be charged 50% of service price for late cancellations and 100% for no shows.​​

Privacy Policy

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