Frequently asked questions

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    I forgot to shave today, should I reschedule my appointment?
    Honestly if you don’t mention it, there is a very good chance your therapist won’t notice. We work in a low lighting environment most of the time, so our vision may be limited for some cosmetic issues. Also we use lotion as a lubricant for the skin in the area we are working, so it’s very unlikely that any hairs will poke us and draw attention to it. But in the event we do notice, you can rest assured knowing your secret is safe with us! :)
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    What is the difference between Swedish and Deep Tissue massages?
    Swedish is a relaxing massage with long, flowing strokes to increase the bodies circulation back to the heart. Deep Tissue is a more targeted approach to areas of tension and pain. Deep Tissue can be performed at light, medium, and deep pressures, but regardless of the pressure applied you should expect it to be a little more intense than a typical massage.
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    How often should I get a massage?
    We recommend getting at least a 60 minute massage once a month for general maintenance, relaxation, and flexibility. However depending on your specific needs we may have a different recommendation, so talk with your therapist today to find the right treatment plan for you.
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    Do I need to remove my underwear before getting on the massage Table?
    I often tell people the more skin I can work with, the better your results will be. Having said that, your comfort level is the most important thing. If you’re uncomfortable taking them off then leave them on. It’s all about your comfort level, not the therapist preference.
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    How long should I wait after surgery before getting a massage?
    The general rule is to wait 6 weeks after surgery. Your therapist may work on you after 4 weeks with a doctor’s note, but it is recommended to wait the full 6 weeks before doing any deep tissue/deep pressures even with a doctor’s note. We want to give your body adequate time to heal before we start breaking stuff up again.
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    Can someone get a massage if they have Cancer?
    Yes, you can get a massage while having cancer. But we do want to get a form of communication with a doctor first. It may take a little longer to get an appointment, but we want to do what’s best for you, and establish that connection with your care team to choose the best course of action for your situation. This is required for anyone who has had cancer, or been on a cancer treatment within the last 12 months.
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    What do I need to do after my massage?
    Drink plenty of water! We want to get your muscles rehydrated after the appointment to keep them from causing any unnecessary cramping. I also recommend following the next few days with some light stretches or range of motion. Ex: arm rotations, neck rotations, etc... Do a little more than what you would do on a regular basis. We want to keep the muscles from just locking right back up on you.
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    Can massage help my anxiety?
    Absolutely, I recommend getting a 90 minute Swedish massage, and if possible twice a month for anxiety. You don’t want to get any deep work, especially when your anxiety is flared up, as this will cause more stress on the nervous system. Swedish massage is very sedative and relaxes the Central Nervous System, helping to promote a relaxing effect for anxiety symptoms.
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