1. Brandon Wright LMT
    Brandon Wright LMT Co-Owner
    Brandon Wright is one of the proud owners of Island Escape Therapeutic Massage as well as an LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist). He attended and completed school at Texas Center for Massage Therapy in Dallas. At Texas Center for Massage Therapy, Brandon completed over one hundred and nineteen hours of clinical experiences. He also studied ten diverse massage modalities including structural bodywork and energy massages. Before his decision to become a licensed massage therapist, he worked as a department manager for Wal-Mart for eight and a half years. It was his experiences in this field where he gained his amazing customer service skills. Brandon lives in Mansfield with his beautiful wife and co-owner of Island Escape Therapeutic Massage, Antonia (Anna).
  2. Antonia (Anna) Wright
    Antonia (Anna) Wright Co-Owner
    Anna Wright has been practicing massage for over 2 years, with a year's worth of experience working at a chiropractic office. She currently only offers reflexology to provide systematic healing throughout the entire body. Anna studied along beside Brandon for a total of eight hundred nineteen and a half hours. In addition to helping run this business, Anna enjoys photography, and helping taking care of their 6 children. Anna is extremely generous and is always looking for ways to help anyone she can, and her kindness serves as an inspiration to everyone around her. It is through her love and generosity towards people where she finds the compassion needed to lay her hands and offer healing through massage therapy.